Wind classes

Wind classes

Making music together

BläserKlasse is a modern, motivating and effective music lesson in which students systematically learn to play an instrument. The learning content of the lessons becomes more comprehensible through active music making, and the meaning of learning thus becomes clearer. The children of a class, a grade or a larger group (e.g. in a music club) form an orchestra together from the beginning. Children do not need to have any previous musical training; they can participate in the wind class without any prior knowledge.

After the two-year music course, the BläserKlasse can continue, for example, as BläserKlassePlus, in the school orchestra or as a big band.

Forms of organization of a wind class

  • at school: in class, across grades, or as an AG (working group)
  • in the club: as a cooperation model with the elementary school, as a preliminary stage to the youth orchestra or as an adult wind class
  • in the music school: common orchestra offer for all students

Advantages for participating in a wind class

  • Strengthening the motivation to learn and self-confidence
  • Development of team spirit and assumption of responsibility in a group- Increase of the general ability to concentrate.
  • Acquiring a sense of value through responsibility to an orchestral instrument.
  • Experience of joint public appearances
  • Practicing and experiencing consideration and mutual support

Advantages for the implementation of a wind class

  • Almost all of the learning content laid down in the curricula is taught in direct practical action.
  • Acquiring a core competency on the Wind Class instrument goes hand-in-hand with learning gains in all other musical areas, such as elementary education or music history.
  • Regular interaction in the class orchestra has been shown to promote conscious and multidimensional learning.

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