Repair saxophone

Saxophone service and repair

My workshop assures you of first class workmanship in the repair work

Saxophone year service

From € 250,00 Euro

Every saxophone should be serviced annually by a specialist or the full tightness of the keys should be restored. This improves the playability of the instrument and extends the life of the pads.

In principle, only the repairs that the customer wants are carried out, regardless of the condition of the instrument. Of course, I will check the instrument and advise you if the repair you want is sufficient to achieve full playing ability.

The following service work is performed here:

  • Mechanics Check and regulate screw connections and springs
  • Roughly clean instrument
  • Fit plug-in connection S-bend
  • Replace loose and missing felts/corks
  • Redo upholstery prints
  • Readjust and oil the mechanics
  • Renew and clean S-bend cork
  • Check address

Saxophones general repair

A general repair brings the instrument practically back to new condition and is recommended approximately every 5-6 years (depending on use).

Price list repair and overhaul of brass instruments
InstrumentSpielfertig richtenStandardreparaturGeneralüberholung

290,00 €

790,00 €

990,00 €


250,00 €

790,00 €

890,00 €


300,00 €

850,00 €

950,00 €


350,00 €1.150,00 €

1.250,00 €

The final prices depend on the condition, age, demand (student or concert instrument) and brand of the instrument.

* Express repairs: possible by prior arrangement – surcharge of 30%.

Pick-up service: pick-up of your instrument at the front door on a date of your choice € 35.00

Set up ready to play

  • Completely disassemble the instrument, roughly clean the body and keys, seal the pads, assemble the instrument, oil the axles, adjust the action, check the response.
  • Required new parts (upholstery) for an additional charge – only possible if the instrument is in good condition.

General overhaul “Standard

  • Completely disassemble the instrument, roughly clean the body and keys, completely reupholster the keys, replace defective felt, corks, springs and screws, mount the keys, oil the axles and adjust the action, check the response.

General overhaul “Special

  • Completely disassemble instrument, clean completely, polish action, align caps and axles, completely replace pads, corks and felts, replace peg cork, remove all dents and dings, assemble action, remove axle tolerance, adjust key rises and spring pressure, clean mouthpiece, check response.