Repair accordion/harmonicas

Repair and restoration of all accordion models, button accordions and harmonicas

I perform for you all repairs and restorations on all models of accordions, button accordions and harmonicas.

My workshop assures you of first-class workmanship in the repair work.

General overhaul of the instrument

  • Remove the reedplates from the soundposts, clean the reedplates and soundposts, re-valve, re-wax, re-tune the instrument. If necessary, the reed plates are derusted.
  • Checking the treble and bass mechanics.
  • If necessary, new valve flap linings for treble and bass. Remove keys, remove old pads, clean keys, install new pads (felt/leather), install keys, adjust keyboard, make air tight.
  • Bellows inspection, bellows sealing, if necessary bellows remanufacturing
  • various celluloid works



Clean reed, reventilate rewax and tune

8,90 €/pc.

Revoicing 2-chord, 3-chord, 4-chord

3,90 €/pc.

Removing the reed – extra

5,90 €/pc.

Renew bellows seals – both sides

89,- €

Polishing up instrument

120,- €

Bellows repair / renew calico strip long

7,50 €/pc.

Bellows repair / Calico strip renew briefly

5,50 €/pc.

Renew hood fabrics

65,- €.

Cleaning and adjusting the register bar

165,- €

Renew key felts without Cassotto

16,- €/pc.

Renew key felts with Cassotto

28,50 €/pc.

Felting new bass mechanics – Hohner models

380,- €

Felt bass action new – Italian models

650 €

Installation accordion concert microphone system

850,- €

All bellows made to measure

Price on demand

The final prices depend on the condition, age, demand (student or concert instrument) and brand of the instrument.

* Express repairs: possible by prior arrangement – surcharge of 30%.

Pick-up service: pick-up of your instrument at the front door on a date of your choice € 55.00

Set up ready to play

  • Disassemble instrument,
  • Clean instrument inside and outside
  • Check tuning pins and replace missing valves
  • Replace bellows seals
  • Check mood

Service “Standard

  • Disassemble instrument completely
  • Remove, clean and retune the tuning pins
  • Replace bellows seals
  • Adjust register and make it run smoothly
  • Renew gauze treble and bass

Service “Special

  • in addition to standard
  • Replace bellows
  • Renew bass and carrying straps
  • Renew bellows holder
  • Glue and polish cracks in the housing
  • Replace register housing
  • Replace key felts and guides