Sankyo transverse flute 501 RBE


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Lieferzeit: ca. 3-4 Werktage
  • Finish:Full silver flute

    Headpiece: sterling silver 925AG, different headpieces selectable
    Body: sterling silver 925AG, drawn clay hole chimneys
    Mechanics: Sterling silver 925AG, ring keys, E-mechanism, offset (advanced G), pointed cap mechanism, 10K white gold springs.
    Foot piece: H-foot
    Suitable for: Hobby musicians, music students, professionals


Sankyo was founded in 1968 by master flute maker Kikuo Hisakura and seven other experienced flute makers. Since time immemorial, the instruments have been made by traditional craftsmanship using the latest precision machinery. Sankyo flutes are played worldwide in renowned orchestras and by famous soloists.