ABueno Cajon Flamenco Noble Light


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A flamenco cajon made of solid wood, but a wood with a lighter weight than usual. It feels sturdy and heavy, but when you pick it up, you’re surprised by its lightness.


NOBLE LIGHT, a flamenco cajon made of solid paulownia wood, with a balanced and very powerful sound.

A flamenco cajon with compressed and natural highs that gain presence and brightness with more use, and with a compressed and well-defined bass.

The sound texture of the solid paulownia wood gives it a strong power and compression, while it defines the nuances very well. A solid flamenco cajon with a homogeneous aesthetic.

Total height from the floor 50 cm.
The body is 48 cm high, 30 cm wide and 32 cm deep.

MATERIALS USED: in the body.
4.8 mm thick board with 4 layers of birch, the last layer is made of olivato ash,

Textured top that brings out new sounds while oxygenating the hands while playing, allowing for faster playing.

Body made of paulownia wood, stained in an elegant walnut color.
Top made of birch with final veneer of olivato ash wood.


Parallel and independent system (II II)

Internal structures made of birch, no use of soft woods such as lime or other similar woods to ensure a better hold of the screws and avoid wear from playing and tuning.

MCA Tuning Control Mechanism Cajon with the MCA®, our exclusive external tuning and overtone control mechanism.
MCA® Registered by ABueno percussion.