Munich music workshop repairs your musical instrument

Saxophone – clarinet, – transverse flute – recorder – trumpet – flugelhorn – trombone – French horn – tenor horn – baritone – tuba – ORFF instruments – accordion – Styrian harmonica – guitar – dulcimer – zither – violin – percussion instruments.

Orff instruments repair

is a particular specialty of mine. I will pick up the instruments from you and return them to you after the repair is completed. I also have all spare parts like mallets and replacement bars in stock from Studio49, Sonor, Lefima and Rohema.

Whether repairing acoustic guitars, classical guitars electric guitars, electric basses or double basses and violins

is also a passion of mine and also offer all the accessories you need for your instrument.

I am a trained musical instrument maker

and have more than 35 years of experience and that guarantees expert, competent repairs for any instrument group. Special tools and an extensive spare parts stock enable rapid processing.

Professionally repaired musical instruments

Professional competence, precise execution, good price-performance ratio

Specialist for every instrument group, modern machinery with special tools free estimates before starting repairs, fast processing within a few working days, extensive spare parts stock.

Whether general overhaul …

The instrument is stripped of paint, then it is professionally soldered apart, completely dented, soldered together, sanded and polished, the machine is cleaned and completely straightened, finally the instrument is re-stove-enamelled!

Or partial repair …

Of course, for brass instruments, we also repair only the machine, professionally dent instruments, make trains passable, solder supports, perform modifications, or clean your instrument in an ultrasonic bath!

Adjusting the mechanics of your musical instrument

The slightest leakage of the keys can have an enormous impact on the response and playing ability of woodwind instruments. We realign keys to tone holes, replace individual pads if necessary, and optimally adjust the action.

Or reupholster

The pads of the woodwind instruments are wearing parts. A reupholstery will be professionally done by us. Of course, we can also additionally clean your woodwind instrument, polish the action, replace corks and felts, and completely adjust the action.

I look forward to seeing you!

Manfred Rathmayr
Musical instruments repair shop in Munich-Nymphenburg