Cleaning music instruments

Why should you clean your musical instrument?

Did you know that playing a dirty instrument can seriously affect your health?

In a study published in November 2013 by the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACCAI), scientists showed that instrumentalists who play an instrument from the wood family can develop diseases of allergic origin due to the fungi that develop inside the instruments.

It is a type of pneumonia in which patients develop lung problems when they come into contact with molds that thrive in humid conditions.

Recently, an Atlanta musician who admitted that he had not cleaned his instrument reported that he had had chronic respiratory problems for a year because he had failed to clean his instrument. Since no treatment was effective, X-rays later showed that the lymph nodes in her lungs were calcified.

Previously, researchers at Tufts University analyzed twenty wind instruments whose maintenance had been similarly neglected. As a result of their work, they found a variety of germs inside, including those responsible for tuberculosis. This 2011 study also showed that these germs can remain active under all conditions for a period of hours to days.

Your instrument is an important object. You spend many hours working and playing with this valuable creative tool. A tool that is taken care of provides better performance than a tool that is neglected. Every time you are on stage, a demanding audience is listening.

Imagine the catastrophic damage caused to your instrument by lack of maintenance?

If the pads are not carefully dried every time you play your instrument, they will deteriorate ten times faster. They can crack, swell and accelerate the growth of mold.

If the body of your instrument is not thoroughly dried, the acidic enzymes naturally present in saliva will destroy the wood in the same way they affect food.

Excess moisture also causes cracks in the wood, which can completely destroy some instruments.

Whether you have a professional instrument at the top of its league or your first study model, we know how much your instrument means to you. By following the steps for maintenance and cleaning, you will save money on future repairs, preserve the value of your instrument, and most importantly, preserve your own health.

At BG, we care about the health of musicians and their instruments. That is why we offer a complete range of accessories to clean your instruments easily and thoroughly.